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The Delivery Man

Former police officer Matthew starts work as a newly qualified midwife. As expected, his first day is full of drama, sarcastic comments, and snide remarks about his gender.


Actor:Aisling Bea


Duration:30 min




Season 1 - The Delivery Man
"A teenage father attempts to visit his pregnant girlfriend without her parents finding out who he is. Matthew has to choose whose side to take."
"A \u2018double dad\u2019 has to rush between the bedsides of two expectant mothers, while Matthew realises he\u2019s landed Lisa\u2019s boyfriend in trouble. Ian is suspended and asks Matthew to find him a job in the hospital."
"A prisoner is on release to give birth - the police need crucial information and Ian tries underhand interrogation. Ryan hears about Lisa lending Matthew money and angrily heads for the hospital in a rage."
"A celebrity patient comes in as an emergency and confides in Matthew, asking him to cover up the fact that she's pregnant from the public and paparazzi."
"Matthew discovers an abandoned baby and desperately tries to track down the mother before the authorities or Luke find out."
"The drugs cupboard is raided and a forensic team is called in - one of whom is Matthew's very attractive ex, and is keen to get back together. Ryan is back and Caitlin has a date."